Curation Team

  Annika Agrawal  Executive Organizer
IMG_4328Annika Agrawal will be a senior at Hinsdale Central this upcoming fall, where she is an active member of her school’s Science Olympiad and Math teams. Her favorite activity is journalism, and she is the incumbent Managing Editor of her school’s newsmagazine. She is also on the literary editing board of the art and literary magazine at school, and enjoys writing and editing for local papers in her town. Her friends would say that she is never one to back down from a challenge, and that she loves helping people out, whether it’s coaching kids, talking to a friend, or volunteering to play piano for elderly residents. Besides organizing TEDxYouth@Hinsdale, this summer she will spend most of her days holed up in a biochemistry lab, analyzing proteins and hoping to further her research on probiotics. Fun fact: she came up with the idea to host a TEDx event at 3 am one night, while watching her favorite TED talk, “There’s more to life than being happy,” by Emily Esfahani Smith.

  Sarah Kim  Event Manager
IMG_4329Sarah Kim is an incoming senior at Hinsdale Central High School, where she is a varsity badminton athlete, an active member of her school’s JETS team, and Vice Captain of her slam poetry team. Those who know her well would describe her as compassionate and introspective, as well as highly tenacious when it comes to sending emails. Her favorite TED talk is “Breaking the Language Barrier” by Tim Doner. One fun fact about Sarah is that one year ago, a wallaby bit her on the arm while she was volunteering at Brookfield Zoo; she has since overcome this shock and continues to volunteer. She is incredibly grateful for the chance to work with an amazing team of curators and presenters and hopes that the audience enjoyed the presentations as much as she did.

  George Gao  Communications Director
IMG_4344George Gao is an incoming senior at Hinsdale Central High school. His favorite subject in school is science, particularly biology. As such he aspires to be a geneticist in the future. He peers would regard him as someone with a dry wit in the classroom, yet a cheerful and motivated personality outside. He plays the clarinet and the piano and is part of the Hinsdale Ambassadors club. He is eager to work and learn from such a project that benefits himself as well as the community. His favorite TED talk is “This is what happens when you reply to spam email” by James Veitch.

  James Giltner  Head of Design
IMG_4331James Giltner is a runner, artist and curious student entering his senior year at Hinsdale Central High School. As an artist, he takes classes both inside and outside of school, and is the current Head of Design and a Curator for TEDxYouth@Hinsdale. As a runner, he is a varsity Hinsdale Central Cross Country and track athlete and a kind, encouraging teammate. Other than running and art, James is a stellar disc golf player and interested in rhetoric, political science, and physics. His favorite TED talk is “Questioning The Universe” by Stephen Hawking.

  Alyssa Lee  Web Designer/Marketing Director
IMG_4332Alyssa Lee is an incoming junior at Hinsdale Central High School. She is an active member of Hinsdale Central’s Science Olympiad team and plays oboe in its Wind Ensemble. Her favorite TED talk is “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator” by Tim Urban. She is thrilled to have the opportunity of working with such an amazing team to contribute to the community.